The House

The house is wrong tonight…..
The house is dark tonight….
The house is empty tonight….
We that remain hide….
Take refuge from the night….
Mighty cat joins us alone….
The house is wrong tonight….
The house is quiet tonight….
The house has too many shadows….
While there are no lights….

The house is wrong tonight….
The house is empty tonight….
The house has lost it’s soul….
The house is dying tonight….
And it is awakening from the depths….
Stealing every last soul on its way….

The house is wrong tonight….
Filled with dreadful silence….
For all the world to hear….
And none shall ever notice….
The house that screams….
Empty in the night….

Sunday Mornings

It’s 5:30 in the morning
Too early to be awake today so far
Darkness still swirling
Groggy feeling impaired
As the shadows continue to dance on the walls

Toss and turning in circles
Limbs flying every which way
Making music that no one can hear

Winds deadly howl darkens the way
As each branch snaps impaling the air
It’s not enough to stop the derailing dreams
Falling circles of dresses twirling around
More shadows they seem to add on the wall

In all the chaos ensuring demise
Hundreds of dreams came and go
Still they go on and on

Shadows sweeping criss-crossing the rooms
Sun glowing deeply as it’s time to hide
Morning is coming
As those dreams start to fade for the sky
Screaming softly that no one can hear



The silence that hasn’t spilled from fingers pricked
Hesitant over lettered buttons

Words squished between the nothings
Forced into hiding

A trickle of a drop within a hint
Bashed with the skull

Raging ash flaring unending upwards
Fluttering amongst the openings

Quiet falls all around the bareness witnessed
Flames frozen in dances of a trance

And then it hits you head on
The entrapping bittersweet

Accepting the emptiness of a barren sky
The nothingness from within

Words most useless now come forth to be used
Not long to be hidden

The world has changed it’s views to see
Forced upon the differences

The mind once full of lively amazement
Enormous fields of thoughts


Death’s Hammer

The clicking and clacking at odd hours
Enough to drive anyone mad
But he didn’t have walls in between
All he had was a few feet

The clacking and clicking all night long
Is enough to drive any sane man around
Able to drive them away from normalness
Into the darkness that awaits their souls

Clicking of keys and clacking of hammers
It digs deep with each strike
Eating away at every last straw remaining
Slowly devouring everything that was

Clacks of smacks with quick clicks
How these fingers drive me away
Slowly slip into the places beyond
Away from normal thinking and feeling

I sit there smashing fingers to keys
As the hammer rips through the ribbon

Evening Of The Dark

In evening dusk’s dispares of last fading light
Minds begin drifting to other lands beyond
With the last beams of light clinging in hues
Let it all slip away from your control slowly
As darkness embraces your form all around

Last glimmers of consciousness sliding away
With dangers increasing from the grounds
Racing to find waiting once more for you
That special someone who brings you thru

Its settled now with no chances left to help
Fully surrounded with no escape possible
You’re now one with it burning deep inside
The sadness immeasurable to compare
But in the dark they already know just how
And soon will prey on all you have left

Shadows of shadows moving about
Caught from corners of eyes every glance
Panic ensues within the mind quickly now
Will you survive the night alone on your journey
Or will you just barely make it home

It was early fall that day she felt the pang
Darkness has shadows traveling constantly
With this one settling in her graces as she worried
So far away he was still unsure to make it

Shadows block out light from in front
No longer seeing the glowing eyes on either side
Or from the trucker always up ahead
Timing was perfect in its desperation to act
Darkness was thrown away instantly from there

Flames keeping it all at bay with screams inviting
The waiting game now time to be played
As death watched from far away beyond the dark

Who would win out in the end? Brave hearts or the overwhelming blankness of the dark night?

Raining Tears

Lost in worlds she don’t belong
Seems left out of place
Worries day and nights gone long
How’d she come to this place
Tears wash over pretty eyes
Stream down her face
Pains of past mistakes
Come flying to her now
Sends her to the ground

She looks up and he’s not there
Nowhere to be found
And she just hits the ground
Tired animosity fills her voids
As she screams to the night
Slowly losing her fight
Swears into her pillows tight
Every ounce of her might
Keeping her around
Screaming at the ground

When it’s over she lost inside
Drained of all her pride
Feeling weak and helplessness
She’s looking for her friend
Searching for his hand

Outstretched hundred miles away
Feels helpless in her fight
Useless as she fights away the night
He’s sitting there wondering what to do
Sitting there trying to break on through

But the night is too damn strong
And he’s been gone far too long
Lost in the emptiness of their rooms
Wondering what they should do

New day rising over tear stained eyes
Burning through all the cries
She looks around to the same emptiness
That lead her through the night
Wondering where he is
Where’s her knight

Lost in worlds
Many hundred miles away
Prays the new day
Will be better than the night
And she’s alright
He wants nothing but her best

Lost in worlds he don’t belong
So out of place with it all
But by her side feels just right
Somewhere where he belongs
With all those nights
Shared before their dawn
He just wants her to be alright
To know she’s safe at night
In their loving arms

As the day breaks with raining dawns
Moods are set for carrying on
He loves her so
Much more than she’ll ever know
Reminding her each time he wakes
Just how much she means to him
And how beautiful she truly is

Though she denies it every time
Just another piece of rhymes
For him to remind her again
Whisper it softly in her ear
As he wipes those falling tears
While holding her close in arms
Right where they both belong