Raining Tears

Lost in worlds she don’t belong
Seems left out of place
Worries day and nights gone long
How’d she come to this place
Tears wash over pretty eyes
Stream down her face
Pains of past mistakes
Come flying to her now
Sends her to the ground

She looks up and he’s not there
Nowhere to be found
And she just hits the ground
Tired animosity fills her voids
As she screams to the night
Slowly losing her fight
Swears into her pillows tight
Every ounce of her might
Keeping her around
Screaming at the ground

When it’s over she lost inside
Drained of all her pride
Feeling weak and helplessness
She’s looking for her friend
Searching for his hand

Outstretched hundred miles away
Feels helpless in her fight
Useless as she fights away the night
He’s sitting there wondering what to do
Sitting there trying to break on through

But the night is too damn strong
And he’s been gone far too long
Lost in the emptiness of their rooms
Wondering what they should do

New day rising over tear stained eyes
Burning through all the cries
She looks around to the same emptiness
That lead her through the night
Wondering where he is
Where’s her knight

Lost in worlds
Many hundred miles away
Prays the new day
Will be better than the night
And she’s alright
He wants nothing but her best

Lost in worlds he don’t belong
So out of place with it all
But by her side feels just right
Somewhere where he belongs
With all those nights
Shared before their dawn
He just wants her to be alright
To know she’s safe at night
In their loving arms

As the day breaks with raining dawns
Moods are set for carrying on
He loves her so
Much more than she’ll ever know
Reminding her each time he wakes
Just how much she means to him
And how beautiful she truly is

Though she denies it every time
Just another piece of rhymes
For him to remind her again
Whisper it softly in her ear
As he wipes those falling tears
While holding her close in arms
Right where they both belong


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