It took the “easy out” of what was thought of as a filler class to ignite the coaster of writing. The type of course in college that everyone reads about and thinks will give them the opportunity to expel as little energy as possible turned out to be the missing piece. During the Spring of 2008 while taking this easy out of a class, Robert discovered his passion of writing filling a sketch book with random writings. Since that time he has continued writing with meandering thoughts whenever possible.

The stories, writings, and brutal mutilations of the written English language contained within are only but a small fraction of what has been written thus far. Updates may be sporadic, but when they land, they are known.

“The concept of stepping on a piece of ‘stray sod’ is part of Irish folklore and signifies, as one character explains, the sense of ‘being lost in what once were reassuring surroundings. Being intimidated, confused — by the very thing that once made you feel secure.’ In other words, experiencing a sort of ‘cosmic loneliness.'”

I found the above quote years ago and it has stuck with me in profound ways. It is also a reminder for me that sometimes, you need to follow the rabbit hole no matter how many times you get lost doing so.