In Darkest Of Times

In the darkest of times, a man finds he is staring back unto himself, an empty shell with all his flaws spilled out in front of him. He sees what he truly is inside, hidden away from the rest of the world with a fake persona. Even those close to him, have only ever seen glimpses of this hidden world, […]

Two Years After The Wails

The banshee’s wail, thought to be a warning for those who hear it’s cries and screams, may neither be a warning or meant for them at all. The Earth shattering realization mere moments away from the comforts of deep slumber while the world whizzes on by at its usual pace of millions of nonsensical cares a second, for a minute […]

A Light Shines Through

It’s been nearly a year since the knock on deaths door was heard; a year of everything changing, evolving. No longer the same man that once inhabited this body; alone with one’s thoughts can have a chilling effect on how they perceive themselves. There was death’s hand that day; the only one stretched out in those early hours of emptiness. […]

Creativity’s Last Dream

This pen feel foreign to fingers Movements forced without ease Memories of it all have faded away Nothing remains within to be written His soul no longer screams at night Dreams not a lasting impact fades with day Urge to write comes from somewhere new Won’t come easy despite temptations Music blends words to great beats Still feels like everything […]

The House

The house is wrong tonight….. The house is dark tonight…. The house is empty tonight…. We that remain hide…. Take refuge from the night…. Mighty cat joins us alone…. The house is wrong tonight…. The house is quiet tonight…. The house has too many shadows…. While there are no lights…. The house is wrong tonight…. The house is empty tonight…. […]

A Story Untold, Pt. 1

Once upon a time has been used, perhaps, in this setting, just once, too many times. No, this will not be a happily ever-after fantasy. I’ll save for those poor souls who need it more that journey. Quite instead, I think we’ll begin ours a bit, differently this time ’round. You see, I’ve never been one to be able to […]