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I sit alone in the dark, For in the dark I’m not alone; There are things all around But for no one to see See them I can’t Feel them I will For in the dark, I’m not alone Close my eyes and silently see All the things that now escape me Past, present and never to be’s All swirl […]

Dark Man of my Dreams

The dark man of dreams The figure without any face Is taunting me Is haunting me From his hidden place The dark man of my dreams Killer of the hoping heart Is choking me Has broken me Since we did part And until my awakening I never felt A single thing But as winter turns to spring I sense his […]

Love….The Realizations

To have been able to love someone is a great feat in itself, To have been loved back is something that should be cherished, For it can be lost in an instant and may never be found again, There is only one way to describe a love like this, It is known by all as a “Once in a Lifetime […]