The House

The house is wrong tonight…..
The house is dark tonight….
The house is empty tonight….
We that remain hide….
Take refuge from the night….
Mighty cat joins us alone….
The house is wrong tonight….
The house is quiet tonight….
The house has too many shadows….
While there are no lights….

The house is wrong tonight….
The house is empty tonight….
The house has lost it’s soul….
The house is dying tonight….
And it is awakening from the depths….
Stealing every last soul on its way….

The house is wrong tonight….
Filled with dreadful silence….
For all the world to hear….
And none shall ever notice….
The house that screams….
Empty in the night….

Once upon a time has been used, perhaps, in this setting, just once, too many times. No, this will not be a happily ever-after fantasy. I’ll save for those poor souls who need it more that journey. Quite instead, I think we’ll begin ours a bit, differently this time ’round. You see, I’ve never been […]

Used to be life made so much sense with everything floating perfectly Nothing left to chance to be left behind forgotten sidelines Time ticks away eating at all your hearts desires ungiving in it’s taking Just takes the afternoons away sweeping them past by never seen again Roads missed turns lead you to your next […]

Drifting softly across the waters fa├žade Swishing quietly under lights above Peace settles around the gentle lapping With light breezes kissing along the skins exposed Tall pines marking the edges of serenity With razors of rocks keeping all in shallows Twists upon windings getting near Sleep now gentle baby upon the waters wave With moonlight […]