Creativity’s Last Dream

This pen feel foreign to fingers
Movements forced without ease
Memories of it all have faded away
Nothing remains within to be written
His soul no longer screams at night
Dreams not a lasting impact fades with day

Urge to write comes from somewhere new
Won’t come easy despite temptations
Music blends words to great beats
Still feels like everything has gone

That lost groove wants to be found
Memories faded left nothing but pain
Darkness fills voids of words once used
Slowly erasing what had been there once

Stare at this empty page
Filled with envy longing for rage
That dark just keeps coming in
But how to find the way back to light

Sits there searching for it all
Words don’t want to fall from pen
Fingers refuse to bend
Has this act come to the end?

It’s 5:30 in the morning Too early to be awake today so far Darkness still swirling Groggy feeling impaired As the shadows continue to dance on the walls Toss and turning in circles Limbs flying every which way Making music that no one can hear Winds deadly howl darkens the way As each branch snaps […]

The clicking and clacking at odd hours Enough to drive anyone mad But he didn’t have walls in between All he had was a few feet The clacking and clicking all night long Is enough to drive any sane man around Able to drive them away from normalness Into the darkness that awaits their souls […]

Used to be life made so much sense with everything floating perfectly Nothing left to chance to be left behind forgotten sidelines Time ticks away eating at all your hearts desires ungiving in it’s taking Just takes the afternoons away sweeping them past by never seen again Roads missed turns lead you to your next […]

Every day a struggle to find my way thru Every day the marathon of taunting thoughts Wrecking havoc ready to break free of me Set aside the madness focus on the child No one seems to understand what it really means Living lies inside this head to make it thru the night How far away […]