To Have And To Hold

Her love, shown only as she knows
Her heart, pure as any broken heart has been
Her spirit, bright as the morning light
Her everything, she’s given to me

My love, deep and passionate for only her
My heart, beats to tunes never before heard
My spirit, shines brighter when she’s around
My everything, it all belongs to her

My arms surrounding her in long embraces
Her soft nature flows through her with such grace
Cheeks blush in shades of red
With a gentle kiss to her forehead

Tears fill her soul as deep as mine
Each time we say goodbye
For the roads between are long
And the roads are so damn lonely
For two hearts that know the time

Each night spent away from her brings a sad morning
But each time we’re together, the world matters not to us
She is mine, as I am hers
And we’ll let the world know not of our cares
For we’re each others to have and to hold

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