That Old Soul

He travels all year both near and far
Travels alone like most to a bar
Constantly moving and shifting

He’s left many lives behind
Some broken, some shattered
As he’s crossed that line
Some say too many times

He’s a long forgotten soul
Left out beneath the cold
As he tries so very hard
To cling to this old world

In life and love
Screams from above
All hope was nearly shattered

That old soul kept moving on
Took his fair share of killing hits
He kept pushing to be strong
For one day he knew it’d be gone

The life he lived, love he lost
Still carried deep within him
As he looks back past all those years
Wonders how he’s still here

Could’ve been anything
Chose instead to just be him
Wasting all his wishes on them

Family man became his plan
To watch them grow, raise ’em right
Sit besides his caring wife
In his mind heart and soul
This was his heaven

He watched them grow up too fast
Needed his lap less and less
As they faced their worlds
With all the courage he instilled

You raised them right, raised us proud
Turned every fear away from doubt
Showed us just what a man should be

A loving father, loving husband
To a caring mother and his wife
They did the best they could
To make sure we had everything

And the years still roll
Days still they pass
Since it was you shared your last
But it’s still nice to know

You raised an old soul properly
Instilled all those lessons inside me
How treat a woman like your wife
How to hug my daughter ’till she’s alright

Words were rarely ever spoken
But through the actions of my old man
He taught me how to be that man

Five years later since the day he past
I still have those precious qualities
Treat my daughter precious as she is
Pick her up when down, hug away her frowns
Treat a woman right not playing around
Make her the only one, that special day

I know someday it’ll all come true
I’ll have a family looking up to me
Kids wondering what their daddy can do
With a loving wife by my side during trying times

He was my only example, I his last wish
Don’t make the same mistakes now son
And you’ll pull on through

Five years down the road
My little girl looks up at me
I can see in her eye the same feeling
Of when I used to look in his eyes

I’ve got broken family
Searching for the right woman
Discouraged and on my knees
What more could he want from me

I’ve kept to the promises made
Never once running away
Always sticking to the fight
That needs to be fought

And as I look back on the years
It’s plain to see what completes me

A warm loving wife with kids all around
With her in my arms stretched on the couch
That’s the picture he painted inside me
The two most cherished instilled by him

One day I’ll get it right
Have the woman of my dreams as a wife
With kids all around in our home
Screaming for me, screaming for her

That’s the life I was raised to live
This old soul has years to go
But memories still remain before he grew old
He’s the man I want to be towards my family


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