Miles I Live

On this empty road again
Got 300 miles to roam again
Same as every other weekend
Got miles and miles to go
Before I see me love again

Journeys hard and long
You think you could come with me
Live on the road 1200 miles each month
Keep my sanity roads rip away
As tree lined views are all I see

Empty green and white roads again
Seasons chance and I still plow
600 miles in just three days
Damn lonely on them open roads

For I travel alone
To face this world on me own
Wouldn’t it be nice to share these roads
All the miles to be alone
Open souls let to grow
On these winding roads

Thru rolling hills and mountains wide
We’d spend nights beneath the sky
Fire crackling to keep us warm
On our way back to a home

But dreams are few and far between
Where I live is long away
Lost in years of yesterday
Whilst memories were soft and warm
Unlike this cold tormenting yearn
Of concrete miles beneath my well worn feet

See them swarm, see them swoon
As I walk by no care have I
Interest not this ol’ nut
For I have miles to go back home
Where I seldom belong

And so I’m on the road again
Hundred miles since I began
With hundreds more still left
For these old bones to travel down


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