Broken Soul

He sits by her side
Late in the night
Watches her sleep
Wishing her peace
She lays all alone
While sun shines bright
But a few hours each night
Maybe she’ll be alright

Sleeps thru the day
Sleeps thru the night
She’s one hell of a fight
As she makes her way
From this life

A prince by his Queen
Son by his mom
Their kingdom has gone

He waits as she goes
From this world to the next
To rejoin her king
Five years flew by
Since he had left
They passed too fast

While his last words linger
Hers are only grunts
But with just a look
Minds are read

He passed in my arms
She’ll pass in a bed
He left things unspoken
She cleared her head

When she leaves to greet him
They’ll be together again
To watch over children
As they have always been

His passing was quick
With grief bottled up
Hers has been slow
With pain much more so
But love nonetheless
Held deep for them both

For when she does pass
She’ll take another part of my soul
Mine one so old
It was never whole

She’ll leave this world
With love and peace
To a prince now hardened
By love, loss, and sorrow
With arms just as big
To give all the love they had shown

She’s gonna be missed
But always part of my soul

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