Beware The Irish Lass

‘Neath the meadows glistening moons
Lay such sweet innocence
Giggles growling miles around
Whilst springs flow swiftly passing by

Flapping wings heard o’er moors
With mischief carried all around
Childhood dreams of wishes past
All coming true this soft night

The wind does blow gentle breeze
Swirls of leaves and hair abide
And o’er the hill she does come
The Irish Lass he did dream

Her hair flows softly with the wind
Carried quickly thou with haste
Into his arms he’d did pray
She soonly fall for his brave heart

O’ last but not she could not stay
Her song was sung by the day
And off she went where she did come
O’er the hills of Slieve Gullion

To his feet stumble did he
As he chased to catch with her
No sooner had he reached its peak
The sun had crest with full delight

Back he sought each night to stay
To catch a glimpse of her fine face
Alas his heart had given up
On ever seeing his lass again

For on he went to live his way
With dreams of her still come nae go
His wife don’t mind she knows the tale
How he lost his way at Slieve Gullion

Years they passed and kids did grow
Grands all ask him of that day
Of how he met the enchanted fae
And how it was she could not stay

Tales and stories for kids to play
WIth magical fairies far away
Until the night they came away
To hear the scream of deaths last day

Dying wish was to see the fae
For one last time on his dying day
With family gather all around
Supporting him as he’d done they

With the sky clear as bright as May
Stars shown lit all they say
And on this night like long before
She came over the hills of Slieve Gullion

A tear to his eye he did find
As her warmth she did embrace
With the family gathered of this man
A promise she did grant

That on this night as has before
He’ll return with her once more
To visit with those still pure
Hold magic within themselves
For its the only way to open the door

And on that night they went away
Back over the hills of Slieve Gullion
As one child ran to ask to stay
The sun shown bright ‘cross the moors
With a whispering in the wind
Asking him to remember his kin

The years have passed family spread
But the pure heart of child visits him
Share tales all night ’till dusk again
‘Neath the shadows of Slieve Gullion


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