Hidden Views

Minds of a child and those of the seeing
Both can describe horrors too great viewed
Why do children fear the darkness
For held within are things to be feared

The bump in the night
Slight clicking of heaters
Clanks of ducts
Or wheels rolling by

The eyes seen in corners in darkness
The teeth gleaming from empty source
Noises that shouldn’t but are
Chills that scream flight

Sleeping as best you can
2am rolls around once more
Never a good time to be light
For only the deep sleepers survive

Suddenly awakened with eyes closed
Body unable to flinch despite urges
Complete paralysis as your eyes see
Even thru closed lids you see what’s there
The body can’t move but the soul’s in agony

You attempt to scream giving it everything you’ve got
It’s flight or fight to the death time
Yet nothings happening whilst danger grows
It knows you’re weak lying there
Knows you can see everything but do nothing

You give it a quick chuckle swearing in your mind
What can you do but surrender to it now
How can you fight what’s not seen awake
What doesn’t fully exist in our realm

It was across the room at first
Now standing just feet from me
Not much bigger than a kid
I can end this being if weren’t stuck
And it knows it well

It moves closer still
Observing the struggle
Pausing for a moment curious
Then flees back to the corner
It’s worried now

Unable to move yet scaring it away
Whisper softly to it in full rage
I know you and will end you soon
Looking directly at it thru closed eyes
I taunt it with a memory of the last time

Waking up to the room cold at 3am is never fun
Waking up realizing what just happened is worse
The sickening feeling of having no control over your body
Of having to do a self check to make sure feeling is there
Legs and arms feel wrong with racing heart and deep anger

Calming down still filled with anger
Taunting the bastards in the morning darkness
Hard to see when it all looks fuzzy
But the shapes are still there that shouldn’t be

Laying back down glancing at the clock
It’s only 3:15 this time with two hours left
Softly drift back to sleep aware
Only a few more days and it’ll be worse

Days pass quickly without incident
Then a noise that’s brushed easily
Nothing more than the dishes settling
But the voice after wasn’t expected

Can feel the anger rising once more
Whisper calmly towards the darkened area
Guess I’ll see you again tonight
A strange breeze is felt but from where

Clouds are heavy tonight with rain predicted
The moon completely shut out from sight
With the glow of electronics removed
The room is darker than ever
I taunt as I roll over
I’ll see you later bitch!

5am rolls around to the sound of an alarm
I wake up stiff, sore and still tired
I hadn’t moved all night yet exhausted
The room was lighter feeling again
Even though dark, it was peaceful once more

That was three weeks ago now
And the lightness has faded
Replaced with heaviness
A draining energy once more

Being awakened by those eyes
The feeling of helplessness
It’s starting again
And it’s pissing me off

The darkness can hold many things from light
But it cannot hold them for very long
There are demons that each must face
Some handle better, others not so
But some, like me, fight nightly

It’s not the dark that captures our fear
It’s what’s behind that veil that does
It reflects what’s in us
As well as what we’ve forgotten is around us

To the dark I will go
With peaceful body left once more
For there are things I must destroy
Before they destroy me

To sleep I depart now
With a rage as before
To wake in the morning
Is never for sure


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