Depressing Realities

A simple call
A simple wish
A day of joy
But not of bliss

It’s miles away
Hours to drive
Yet worlds apart

To hear your voice
Imagine your smile
Let happiness run wild
It’s your day isn’t it

Cake was more important
For that I don’t blame
Your birthday afterall
Happens just once a year

You’re still young as of now
Memories will be fuzzy years to come
But not for me
They ring clear as ever

Hours and minutes
Days and weeks
Months to years
All pass by too soon
All linger for me

The pain never leaves
Just gets lost in routine
Work by day
Sleep by night

But twice a month
It all subsides
When you grab my arm
And hug it close

It’s in those moments
When you won’t let go
That deep down I know
No matter what’s happening
Or where life goes
How much you love me so

You may not realize for years to come
That little moments such as those
Mean more than anything in the world
And can cure any sadness that has grown

Today you’re young, growing old
Don’t let go of that inner child
It’ll help with the years to come

You are loved little one
By many a family and friend

So on this day of celebration
Even hundreds of miles away
Just as every day come and gone
And of days yet to shine
Thoughts of you are kept close
While days, hours and minutes counted
Until arms are hugged again

You my dare little one
Are loved beyond words describable
Always have been and always will

So no matter how depressing reality becomes
Always know home is not just a place
But the people who surround you