Which Way There

With each day that pass
I see clearly more
Eyes and mind opening
As worlds perseptions evolve
But a trusting heart still hidden

See all these couples around
Happiness mixed with deceit
None too hard to spot from afar
Ones committed the other not
As they walk hand by hand

Trust is too great yet tossed easily
Why they choose to is uncertain
Though forever haunted shall remain
As life lived I’m vain is shamed

Told to open up and let another in
But how can this be when I hold no key
Strangers asking quietly to know
What for they be when realize what is me
Can they steadily stay or run as all before

As I write these words a blank mind fills
With words not ordered as thoughts fly by
When will sense be made
Or time healed old wounds

Is it to be safe once more
Open a slither for another
Let them enter my world
Or keep them away
Which way is there

Do I turn left or is it right
What is the road straight ahead
The roads lack signs to mark passimgs
As woods all around keep enclosing

Is it safe to pass these roads
With never looking back
As time keeps ticking in corners
Pacing to metronomes not heard

Which way do I go to meet you
The future of my life where all is sense
Strife has ended its vast reign
And happiness settles over

Which way to go for to be there?