The Long Goodbye

Just the other day my darling baby clung so tight
She wouldn’t let go as tears filled my eyes
We both knew where this was heading
And as I walked away, my heart damn near stopped

Her tiny hand grasping mine, trusting me to protect her
Not wanting to let me go
Arms wrapped gently ’round my neck
Head nestled on my shoulder is where she loves most
As she’s drifting off to sleep and I weep

She’s too young to understand why I leave
Too young to comprehend what’s been going on
Try my best to answer questions she has
Just be there while she gets mad
Letting her know I’m not going anywhere for very long

These long goodbyes are gonna be the death of me
As each one brings me back to that helpless place
We love each other more than words are needed
Just a look and we both know, written on our faces

Well my baby just the other day
She told me not to leave
As these words brought me to my knees
She just hugged me tighter
Asking me daddy, please

She looked up at me with tears in my eyes
And told me, daddy don’t cry
I pulled her close to me in hugs
Saying softly in her ear
Daddy loves you sweety, always
I’ll always live in here

And my baby saw me teary eyed with hugs
Didn’t have to see her daddy break down and cry
I just sat there key in hand
Cursing these long goodbyes