Slipping Gently

Slowly I’ve slipped away, removing myself
Away from that place once comforted
Where days and nights mixed peacefully
Where body, soul, and mind were one
Slowly I’ve slipped, gently with waves

The trip to the bottom comes quickly
More-so when above the world looking
These rocks I’ve come to know before
Welcomed me once more, accepting me
Without a shred to care for leaving

The life once lived before, returning
Solidarity has suited me then, once more
The deafening silence of days alone
Mixed with welcoming emptiness of home
I find myself once more to belong

The mind retreated deep unto itself
The heart destroyed took refuge in dark
The soul deserted its post fleeing to caves
While the body kept moving along, preprogrammed

There was nothing left, but to shut down
A complete system reset was required this time
And slowly, painfully, it was done in sequence
In the only manner that would mean survival
The system self-destructed, scattering as it did

The ashes however, have begun to slowly rise
Pulling form once more from the nothingness
The system is rebuilding itself from the blaze
The brain rewired, heart sewn together, functioning
But still, with such time passed, one remains missing

There are hints of its existence seen chaotically
Small physical deviations that are uncontrolled
Hints of its presence can be most felt with her
Those small arms wrapping, cuddling closer
She is slowly showing the way back to it
Showing the soul where it belongs, is needed

Gently I am slipping it seems
Back into place, almost in tact
Almost whole once more
To a year ago before
And to the inspirations lost

With her small hands grasping mine
Leading the way with instinct
Her small acts are showing me again
Just where my soul truly belongs
As I slip gently back from my woods