The Mountain

Its not that there’s no more care
But too much has been used
Love still flows but not is shown
Deep below the mountain

I gave more for you of dreams held so closely
Opened up of every hidden as safe was I near you
Pure was the love and feelings adorned showing
That I must save what’s left myself

Too long has pain been felt
Too long has holding on been death
So I’m cutting what’s left of things
Try to keep from dying

Need a heart that’s pure from start
Ne’er goes looking for others
For the one held close is all a ghost
And I’m tired of seeing shadows

Deep in my mountain lair
Where the air suffers the faithless
I shall be living in dreams
Slowly making them true
For all to see when I emerge
True cost of dead living

Say what ye will to others
‘Cause it no longer bothers
Been there before
And learned to swim to shores
Against the raging seas

With my mountain up high
Surroundings of death begotten
Of those not worth my smile
For they were not willing

I climbed it high
Now stand atop
Look out all the waters swimming

With crashing waves
Heartless blows
My foundation is steady
Built stronger than any rock

And I laugh and I cry
Through tearfilled eyes
At all that now surrounds me
For I’ve been here before
Danced this floor
Now I climb back from the depths

Shattered this man
Whose soft tender hands
Still hold dearly
Those of young hearts

They see what he’s done
Know the struggles been won
What’s been had to overcome
And watch him as he rises once more

Placed on my mountain by them
They know I’m not perfect
Yet still they know importance
Of my being there growing as they do
Giving all I can

See me as my mountain stands
Bruised, battered, and dammed
As I’ve weathered the same storms
In this place come to call home

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