Darkened Being

I find beauty in the darkness
Not because it’s overlooked
Or frowned upon by others
But for me, is a window back
Showing what is within myself
Through all the different things

The lonely tree, deep in the forest
Surrounded by a hungry pack of wolves
It does not deter me from sitting close
But opens up a new view from which to watch
As the wolves are gathered to protect it
Just as the walls are built around hearts

Commanding hand to settle them down
Walls will crumble back to the ground
I build them tall, but they are hollow walls
Surrounding my hallowed halls, ever crumbling
There is no strength left to feel inside
As it just breaks me down, makes me cry

Through this tree in darkened falls
Comfort found upon its ground
Lost to myself, I’m left to be
Lost in myself, it hurts to be
As the leaves start to fall
Covering me, all around

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