Comforting Madness

You find, as with all things in this forsaken thing called life, friends will be easily gathered, and just as quickly lost. True ones will be there when you hit your ultimate bottoms, while the fake ones will slowly disappear like grains of sand in a gentle breeze. Lovers will come and go, teaching lessons needing to be learned, and breaking your heart so that it may ultimately regrow. It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone who you grew to love everything about. Nor is it easy when everything about them you once knew, gets shattered by their actions. Life fucks with each and every one of us, in the cruelest of ways. We stand upon mountains, and slide quickly into pits of dismay. The lucky few, learn to build a new life from such blackness, that others wonder how they could shine in the dark. Life teaches you to grow in every sense. It never prepares you for the lesson you’re about to receive, only afterwards will it give you the helping hands of comfort.

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