Anchoring Seas

Here’s to the next three years of life
A repeat of the same having just ended
Alone this drifter shall move about
Once more on rocky ships in calm seas

Anchors aweigh so hard to the bottom
Can no longer see the shores of another
Stuck on island of crystal clarity
All I see is despair

Wandering ‘cross the barren waves
Between dusk and dark to come
Riding the ups and downs once more
Alone with thoughts of silence
To slowly eat away my mind

As the clouds come tumbling near
Winds howl grows louder
With the sea turning angry
For it has never welcomed me

Fought with frights continued on
Each night a battle between two
Whats left and gone now unknown
To those who have continued to grown

Strapped with doubts paleness
Long awaiting the light of a new day
To see if survival has granted me another
Cursing the dawns for taking long
Comforting the night of its plight

Holes patched poorly so
Sinking just only ever grow
This ship cannot last long
Far too much has gone wrong

Away with the sea tides
The breath of winds shoving
As struggling can be I
Holding on for should it last

Racing with the tides flowing up and low
Soaring along the breeze steadily
Alas it has no happens so
For to be stuck in port is me
Awaiting a beauty still yet to see

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