Whispers In The Heart

Whispers of the dark
I hear your voice
It breaks my heart
To know it won’t be soon
‘Till I heart it again
Oh I do not pretend
These feelings could raise the dead

So on my way
Is all that’s left
As it grows heavy
This pain in my chest

But I believe my dreams
The ones of me and you
And I know exactly how
Just not when they come true

I know what I must do
To help live without you
Walk alone with a hidden view
To block my eyes from all I knew

Careless games I do not play
Nor from a woman do I stray
The love of two is so pure
If can’t be true
Then there’s the door

My heart has no time
It waits for the signs
To show where to go
But it takes it slow

This heart still young
Has few scars
But they’ve cut
‘Cross the stars

A love it holds
Tenderly sewn
Deeper than you’ll know
Was offered as your home
I may be less than bold
But I still have a golden soul

Take my heart, take my name
For to some they are the same
With my tongue I no longer speak
Its words have all been said

These feelings in my heart
They grow colder that we’re apart
The open door feels no more
An emptiness creeps the void

But it will not be locked
For you are welcome to my heart
Just a final time if but to stay
Your heart and mine I do pray
We saw it from the start
Though now do depart

All these whispers from my heart
Won’t let me sleep
Deep inside sits an empty seat
Your heart meant to be

While in the dark I see
A future that can be
The voices surrounding me
Simply mustn’t be

I know my heart
I know my soul
I trust our start
More than you know
But please just for me
A simple nights dream

I hear your voice
And I see your ghost
Stuck without a choice
With these whispers in my heart

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