Stealer of Heart

To the woman who manages to steal my frozen heart, I must warn. There is a curse that has been set upon it so many centuries ago, by another who tried as well. She stole my heart so long ago, and cursed it be frozen. It has sat since then, a mass suspended in ice no fire could warm. The heart that is seen, broken in two, was only recently grown, the day she was born. The one you must steal is much harder to find since the other is hers. But more than just find, I ask of you this, will you melt it completely, set it free from its death.

The journeys road, long and tiresome, to be filled with musings of words and feelings, shall be one not traveled yet before. This road is newly built, each day being added to by you. May this road continue to expand onward, never breaking, only bending.

To you I shall honor, cherish, and hold close as no other has or will be again.

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