Screaming Dreams

As I sit and I read these words
I can’t believe my eyes seeing
For I wrote them hoping they’d have meaning
But I find they hold empty

Try to let this pain go from me
If I let you go it would have gone with
But in dreams it all comes back
Rushing me head on from my heart

Your love as it was means too much
For I can’t give that up for anything
So my words from mind are hollow
To be replaced with those from my heart

I can’t let you go just yet
There was too much to invest
I put my dreams in what could
The future I saw with you

As my heart cries out in pain
I’ll write it all in vain
Each night I awake
Wanting to call out your name

It was never hard to show
How to be your man
Grab you by soft hands
Give all my love

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