Lost Apart

Alone in the darkness save the screens glow
Emptiness surrounds and fills my being
Tears slowly roll away searching for fingers
Heart continues to slowly break passing hours

All in was the intention at the start
Entire life came from trusting hearts
Pictures of you took of us staring
Cuts me down in an instant

What I offered you was true
Nothing was hidden from your view
I let it all out for to ride
Just to be there by your side

Now I’m left with the memories
Of things that have passed
All our times shared
Displayed for me from the glass

How I wish I could twist time
Go back into my past
Never leave from that glass
The moments we captured

It was real it was true
Everyone knew
But look at us now
I feel like the clown

Force my work
For I am gone long
Thirteen hour days
Just to keep my head straight
‘Cause my heart aches
As my world shakes

And I come crashing down each night
Thoughts of us fill my plight
Where went our life
We both said we’d fight

But I keep these memories of us
Close to my heart
For they were the best days to start
When I wasn’t torn apart

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