In These Arms

Within these arms
You felt a sense of completeness
Your worries faded away
A new security was found
With happiness to be had

You pulled me in close
Scared of the world
Tired of all the pain
But I couldn’t take it away
Only give it a place to lay

I rush to you
That ill fated morning
Came to your calling
Kept you warm
Kept you safe
So you could escape

You trusted me
When all was lost
I fell for you
As you did too
Never counting the cost

Moments we shared
Mean mountains to me
From where I’d still stand
Whisper in your ear
My love for you to the world

You clung to me hard
My arms wrapped around
Lowered your guard
Took mine completely down
As we both roar’d

It was childish
It was fun
It was true love
No other way to begun
Webs that we spun

In my arms you are safe
Empty they’re now
Come back to this place
And all we have done
I miss the smile of your face
From the beauty of the soul

In these arms you’re still at home
Forgiven for what’s misdone
You’ll always have my love
In your arms I feel safe
They comfort like my own

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