How do you let the woman you love just walk away? How do you walk away from her when asked? How do you give her the space and time she’s asked for to find herself? How do you do all if this knowing how hard, deep, and passionately you love her? How do you do this knowing she may never come back to you once she has found what she’s looking for? How do you allow your heart to commit suicide?

Its not easy, but you do it because she’s asked you to. You do it because you have the love shared, the memories created in your time together, and the hope that above all else, the love shared will still be there pulling her to you. You walk away knowing in your mind that its the right thing to do, giving her what is most important to her right now. And you walk away feeling like the world you’ve come to build together is slowly being torn into a million pieces, just as your heart is. But above all the feelings of heartache, all the anger and anguish of being helpless, you realize that the harder you push, the harder she pushes back.

Sometimes you just have to let them go, keeping the happy memories they gave you, forgiving the bad ones made, letting the love shared slowly fade into the background. You remember them for what they gave, and what they showed you about yourself. You let the feelings held for them live on in the memories of your heart, but you don’t forget them, you don’t hate them. You continue to love them, but in a different, evolved way.

And the hope that you ultimately hold on to, as though life itself depends upon it, you hold onto trying to save your heart from having to seperate from the one its grown close to. So you do what she’s asked of you while holding onto the hope that the love shared will remain, and that what you know to be true in your heart, is shared with hers. But while you hold on to the hope, you begin to let go, realizing that you can’t force anything, no matter how much its killing you inside, which just kills you harder.

So I will hold onto the hope, trusting in my heart that it knows what its doing. I will wait with heart in hand, wait to see if she’ll take it to keep, or ask me to give it to another. But either way, there was a friendship forged before romance that can live on afterwards. As friend, and romantic partner, giving her what she’s asked for, what she needs and wants, is giving her everything in the world, the greatest sacrifice one can offer. It hurts like hell having to do this, but sometimes that’s the price paid to have known the love of another, and to have been in love yourself.

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