Happy Twenty Seventh

The year, 1985. The month, October. The day, Friday, the 13th. Happy twenty seven years together mom and dad. Or at least it would have been were you still alive to celebrate it this year dad.

The past four years have seen many ups and many downs since your passing. You’ve missed many great times, and many sad times. You missed my college graduation one year later. And my struggle to find a decent job, until finding a great one, and the first vehicle I’ve owned crapping out on the interstate. You’ve missed meeting people who have become wonderful, and best friends, that have helped pick me up when completely down. You’ve missed the birth, and last three years of your granddaughter’s life. Don’t worry though, she is growing up to be an amazing little girl, even under the circumstances being faced. You’ve missed meeting the first woman in years to have captured my heart, and who has come to accept me and all my faults.

Mom and sis miss you more each day, all of us hoping to hear the doorknob turn, and watch you walk in, but we know it will never happen. We’ve all been through hells that have tested everything thats kept us together, almost completely losing one another for ever. We’re managing, day by day, slowly trying to keep it together. It hasn’t been easy.

It would have been twenty seven years together, you and mom this year. Sadly you don’t see that anymore in life, and at times its discouraging. But you taught me without having to say anything at all, the one thing that I’ve held closest to my heart, that you commit, and follow through to the end. You give it your all, success or failure, and you only regret not having tried it. And over the many years spent together, you’ve dealt with many up and downs with mom, but neither of you have ever given up on the other. So without words, but with actions, you’ve taught me the one thing that I want to experience most in life. I want to be able to find someone to love, and share my life with, with the same passion that you and mom shared; that no matter how tough it gets, you fix the problems, not give up and walk away.

I know I’ve made mistakes in my life, and have another life to whom I am responsible before my time, but I haven’t given up. I am doing my best, giving it my all. And I thank you for instilling that quality in me, among many others.

So happy twenty seventh anaversary to you and mom. I only wish to be able to experience the joys you have one day, from being married to the same woman these many years, and having raised a family with her, to the personal triumps you have overcome.

Miss and love you dad. And thanks for all you’ve taught and inspired in me.

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