Daddy’s Home

Built this place with his bare hands
Nails, glue, sweat and blood
Spent his life’s savings
Never stopping to complain
Poured it all into this place
We call our home

He’d be up before the sun
Running out the door
Work all day
Come home done
Grab a bite to eat
Let us sit upon his knee
Then he’d be off
Lost in his study
Head to the page
Spilling ink and blood
And a few tears

Sacrificed it all
Gave up those dreams
Never saw the world
He knew what it’d mean
Day she was born
Everything changed

Moved far away
Tried to make ends pay
Got lost a few times
But that’s okay
Came from behind
Ready to shine
And he did so

He was constantly knocked down
Life had it out for him
When something was starting to go
Life would show
So many things fell through
Hit bottom more than a few
But he never gave up
Always got back up
Ready to show

He’s the strongest man you’ll ever see
No one understands just how he could be
After all that’s been done
He get’s up and runs
Right back into it
Stubborn as they come

Now there’s folks that’ll say
All kinds of things
Putting him down
Laugh of the town
He passes them by
Waves to them, hi
Skin thick as any
But he still has the softest touch

Beneath that thick metal skin
Lays a soft gentle man
Same as the one
Who first held your hand
No matter what you’ve done
You’ll still have his hand
Ready to pick you up
And dust you off

As scarred as they are
As worn as the man
They’re still daddy’s hands
Bold and beautiful bright
Have you read what they write
They’re more than mere hands
That built this place out of sand
They’re your daddy’s hands

So when you’re alone at night
Scared to face the light
Remember the stories told
Of the man so bold
Who faced what you do now
How he managed to stand proud
And faced that morning light

When you’re free of commitments
Go sit down by his side one night
Look into his eyes and see his light
Ask him a story of days gone by
Then grab some tissues
For you’re both
Gonna cry

The man who keeps working
Before it’s up
‘Till its down
Constantly going
Never slowly down
Ask him a moment or five
He’ll give you double
Maybe change your life
He’ll be on his way
You’ll be mystified

As sure as they were once
His hands know their way
He built up this place
Just for you to play
The memories, and stories
The cheers and the cry’s
The years and glories
Pain and the strife
All captured within

He worked hard through sacrifice
Gave it all up before
Then went back for more
He left some dreams
Was handed yours
These are his walls
His come true dreams
Filled with his melody
But when he’s gone
You’ll carry on
Inside his biggest dream

To my dear children,

This is our home, of long lasting memories. One day I won’t be here, but you’ll all have stories to share. This is my gift back to you, for all you have shared; the memories and moments that we captured.

Don’t dwell on my passing. Instead, shed a tear, and remember all the good times that we all shared.

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