Cold Hope

Just as I think I can see clearer once more
I pass our dream house we said we loved
And it all comes crashing back down
The weakness that is my emotions

The life we planned out now just a memory
All those things we said we wanted to do together
What we wanted to see each other accomplish
Just brings me straight to pain

My hopes turned from mine to yours
To see you happy was all it was for
I’d give everything for just a smile of your lips
To trace it with soft finger tips

We talked of all our dreams
Now they just slowly kill me
When I lay down at night
They shine brighter than light
Keep me awake no matter what I do
Can’t get my mind off of you

Oh its always cold at night
Chills down my bare spine
Where your warm body would rest
Keeps me safe from myself

This can’t be right
Feel so far from the light
But what’s going on
Can’t even tell of my own life

Feel so lost these days
Stuck in an winding maze
With no hope in sight
To drown out the fight

How I miss you
Where it all felt right
How I long to be near you
Where I knew how to fight
How I miss you
And you don’t even know

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