Solitary Thoughts

Upon this old bench I have sat many an afternoon, free to think in the comfort of the nothingness. Life slows to a crawl allowing my mind to explore everything it has ever wanted. Fallen leaves join me in the agonizing silence. Thoughts flying around, free as they’ve ever been able, still captured by a deadly silence. No one to speak with, no one to hear, or even listen to any of them, they grow boring. What purpose of the dream, if for none to share it with, if only for to be spoken.

Years have not been kind to us, my poor sitting bench, and I. You could walk past it, never knowing of its existence, or mine. Joined in competing silence, we have shared many a wandering thought together, as my head rests upon its frame. The stability to dream without judgment or worry, is enjoyed each time I lay it down.

Another leaf has fallen in a long line to join previous risk takers on the adventure down. Each screams a silent melody, from fear to joy, and back again. More emotion seen from a single leaf falling, than can be picked up by a passerby looking through me. Just another relic to be passed by as though known to be seen hundreds of times before. Each leaf feels passed over by the next to fall, as its the new, yet to
be seen.

Silence of the leaves, the bench that’s come to endure, and of myself, trapped to be alone in solitude of one another from all else. Maybe someone, one day, will come to join us, if only for a short while, and
share in our silent solitude from the world. One day perhaps, they may help free us from it entirely.

Just as the sun begins to rise, so to does the dream drift off into its own world of solitude, to join with all the others before it. But to see that dream come true. That would be worth everything to be able to
achieve. To let the flying thoughts truly soar free, and grow bigger…

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