Shattered Heart

I am sorry, so very sorry, my poor heart. I promised you that you would never have to know such pain ever again, and that a life frozen would be best. I let you thaw out for a woman, taking a risk. It was slow, as to ease you back into the warmth, that I chose to allow you out. I hoped you would burn brighter than you once did, and you shown so much more than I could have imagined. You knew the risks as well as I, and followed my lead. I am sorry, that this has happened once more. You deserve so much more than this pain I have allowed.

If this is to be then end of you, and you shatter into pieces, then I shall refrain from putting you back together. I will let you turn icy once more, with the promise that you never thaw out for another again. You will be able to rest easily as you once did, only knowing the love of a child’s heart.

This pain is great for us both, but I fear your frozen slumber shall long outlast the body and mind we share. Our companion has already retreated once more deeply. It is likely we shall never see him, but for on our dying day when he escapes this shared tomb.

Rest easy my broken heart, you may feel the cold comfort once more soon. Let it be of comfort for you if it shall come to pass.

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