A Fathers Letter

My darling daughter,

     I hope when you are older, that you will look back on your life with little regret. You will undoubtedly have at least one in your lifetime. I too have regrets that you will come to learn of over the years, but for me they were a learning experience. Some regrets will hurt more than others, take longer to sort through, and drain you to your very core. How do I know of this? Simply because I have been there before. It is not a nice place to be, but in time after, you will learn that it was a necessary evil to be faced.

     Your heart will have hit rock bottoms you could never have imagined existing, but those scars will heal in time. The memories that caused them will be lost as well given you do not dwell on them longer than need be. I have seen it already in you, that you are to be a strong woman, regrettably though with many a broken heart along the way. It is what you do during and after your heart breaks that matters most in life.

     I simply ask that, when you give your heart to someone you trust, you do so in whole. When they give you theirs, you treat it as though it was glass, and that the slightest breeze may shatter it. Others may not be so kind to yours, but it will be better in the end, that you were with theirs.

     Lord Alfred Tennyson once wrote that, “it is better to have loved, and have lost, than to have never loved at all.” While that may be true, to have known anothers love, I think better yet, is the person who has known love, embraced it, and won.

     Whatever you do in life, I simply wish for you to give it your all, and not an ounce less.

Your loving father.

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