What Love Fears

Tightness gripping at my stomach
A worry then words couldn’t describe
Heart sank deep from its nest
Feelings of hope scattered away

Old patterns coming back
Ones thought to have been lost
Success now meeting defeat
As though intentionally done

Mind swells with uneasy thoughts
Heart fills with mixed feelings
Soul screaming with anger
Body frozen against its will

Every fiber inside screams out in agony
Every impulse demands me to leave
To take the suffering heart and run
If just for the night, to attempt to calmly heal

The tear from what’s been feels too great
As though the damage from the shock can’t
Repairs extensive to be taken, but worth
Issues unforgivable this isn’t, just painful

Sadness sets in at realization of feelings
Familiarity has crept up with them from pits
Hoped to have been forgotten years ago
Unfortunately has been felt again
But at what cost will it entail this time ’round

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