Unfathomable Last Straw

Could it really be said
Should it be mentioned
Would it really matter now
What cost will it entail

The sinking feeling felt
How I tire from its exhaustion
As it sucks the will of happiness
Leaves only pain behind

An ultimatum thought
But never uttered
Just what if flows through
What if she chose different

Now a heavy heart lives
Replacing one of hurt
With one of lonely sorrow
Is it better this way in ends

Surely she knows what it does
How it makes me feel when
Its been plainly, painfully written
Not only in pen, yet on me

She’s changed as of late
Which is scary to see
Reverting to ways
When she was with he

As much as she says it
Not hard to see
Something still cares
Not though for me

Requests go ignored
As heart sinks at sea
Final bells toll
Will it be left there
Another three?

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