Raining Heart

As does the rain
So seems my heart
Requests go ignored
Feelings sink deeper still

Disappointment sets in
Force the body still
Losing battle felt
Was it just words

Feelings swell crashing
As rain falls harder
Things that fill my head
Fears escaping from heart

Too numb from pain to think
Jaw clamps shut to avert
Speaking in emotions lost
As disappointment sets in

Tired of asking
Tired of feeling
Yet remain in wait
For what is unknown

Summon the strength
Work through for its worth
Disappointing set backs
How to help understand

What she truly means
And why cuts as does
Fears unspoken from
Missed understandings

Worry about her more
Than these tiny words
Could ever tell in
Ink or breath

Wish these feelings would
Leave my battered heart
As easily as the smoke
From her exhaled breath

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