Mind Of Fire

In the dark my mind sees clearly
Clearer still than whilst in light
In the shadows live my friends
Hellbent on destroying my soul

The waking dreams of fears gone cold
Jealousy rampant fueled by coals
Heart beats faster whilst escaping
Torments hour hath struck two

Welcome one and bags of guilt
The time has come to open wilts
Set ablaze the sleeping tongue
For all locks are but done

Hold back nothing this time
Let it rain upon dreams again
Give reason to scream at them
And watch as he sinks lower tonight

Heart beats sorely as minutes pass
Mind erupts like shattered glass
Raging emotions free at last
Burn it all nothing shall remain

The soul of this man escapes carefully
Nothing remains to hold it at bay
Nothing can follow to hurt once more
As it abandons recklessly, itself

Gaping hole
Burning world
Lost control
No remorse

As I sleep this night
Nothing seems right
Deep fires alight
My mind of fire

It burns out the pain
Burns out the joy
Brings in the doubt
Relentless clouds

Mind with fire
Destroy everything
Nothing shall remain
Not even the flames

Shadows draw near me
Comfort my heart
Night shines clearly
Bring in the dark

Jealous untrusting
Where shall it start
Faithless suspicion
How can it stop

Cold barrel to the head
Brings steam too hot
Dull knife to the chest
Won’t cut the heart
Fast car to the legs
Pavement so soft

No way to end it
Suffer through instead
Nights don’t surrender
Until we’re all dead
Darkness creeps up
Joins us in bed

Life’s lost demons
Shadows are friends
Night’s most evil
To the very end

Sleep with your mind closed
Don’t ever let them in
For all of your secrets
To use, they will bend

So now to drift off
And join my new friends
The darkness is comforting
Its pillow so soft
Embrace it we will
And destroy it I shall

Mind set on fire
From the heart full of hurt
The darkness to blame
How dare it, it missed dessert…

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