Future Glimpse

Halls walked for showing art
Kids everywhere gasping for attention
Parents uninterested as I watch all
Kids artwork less important than adults

Sadness washes over faces
As they see their parents
Deep in conversation
“Look at this” won’t register

Shirt tugs lost all meaning
Hand to swat away is all
No care given to interests
Long as interruption isn’t crying

Parents never much cared for crying
Threats rain down left and right
Cry’s echo from below from sad eyes
Time to send them to the car

Ultimate threat of solitude
To force them to behave
To quit embarrassing mom and dad
Even when the night is for them

And to the future is be warned
For a night to kids be granted
That all eyes be set upon them
Parents be social another time

To kids night now go
To see and hear only
What they say and show
For their world is open
But for a short while

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