Life, Full Circle

Broken down and worn out from life’s punches, that old barn is in better condition than me. So it’s got rusty nails holding it together, and the windows smashed. Still easier to repair in a weekend. Just replace the broken panes, nails rusted, and rotted boards. There be no repairing me, for I’m far too gone for any help.

Barn deemed too far gone, pack the road, and hit the car. Tires burning as you need to escape to the nothingness that exists. Get lost in the twists and turns as you wind down that open road. Head for that sunset, damn well to be your last one now. You’ve gone off the deep end, blade first. Try out running that conscience now.

Escape that open highway before too long. That neglected barn needs some tending to. Make it shine with every touch you add to it. Can only run so hard for so long before the past finds you quivering in a corner. Take it and mold it to your needing, just don’t ignore it. For fucks sake, don’t ignore it.

Those dark clouds hovering in front of you, just a reflection of your past. ‘Cept that ain’t no mirror between the two. It’s just you stuck there until you make amends.

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