Fantasy Life

That perfect house of picturesque
Both wishes met beyond dreams
This reality feels surreal
Christmas morning starts with soft
The music plays nice and slow
Husband and wife share the dance
Kids still passed out of excitement
The family that violin brought together

Gentle violence escapes the strings
As the bow rips them to harmony
The deaths of notes escaping
Such beautiful rhythm of torture
Melodies soft and explosive
One hell of a way to awaken
On such a dark cold morning
That is now this Christmas day

Two hearts broken down by life
Together to enjoy what brings
Stockings full of coal decayed
Poor fire smoldering piled ashes
Save the violin from rubble
Drag that demon across the gate
Watch as hell opens heaven
Just one last dance if will

Sadness from happiness lives on
Smoldering life now gone
Huddle by the tree
The only survivor of flames
Wasn’t worth the time
Lights dimmed by day
Hearts ablaze in liquid
Numb is the coal left

Pajamas running wildly throughout
As the violin dictates to all
Excitement running tamed as lions
Strings pierce toughest hearts
Minds already turned mush
Sharp cry as it starts again
Banshee’s wail heard for miles
Brought to capture that bow

Stay away from dreams awake
Violin and Christmas will sneak
Ruin all futures of future
Come or go but never leave
Daydream fantasy’s here to stay
Can’t escape the calls of
What if that could happen
Just ask violin before closing

The house of kids
The house of music
The house of love
The house of fantasy
Escapes me at this time
Dear violin to answer me
Will you ever allow one
Maybe this year it will be thus

Sit and embrace the music flows
As my mind left to wander
Pen free to contact pages
Let all flow freely resist
Fill this page things unknown
Dream those not yet true
As the night comes to a close
To remember this not is all

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