Burning Heart

That fickle, feeble heart
Why it must act up again
It was doing just fine
And then the world
Damn, it got turned
All completely upside down

Enjoying the cold desolation
Not a worry to be bothered
Slowly a puddle below
Could it be real this time
Might it be melting
Every slowly thawing out

Weeks passing with no change
As that slow drip continues
Reveal what once was frozen
Heart of passion hidden
Burning with warm desire
To be engaged in understanding

Feeble, fickle heart
Beats stronger now
Thawing out smoothly
Slowly learning to trust
As it exposes itself
Walls slowly crumbling down

Smoldering fires in time
Will rebuild themselves
To burn steadily
For the one to melt
My frozen heart
Encased in hard stone

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