Bright Death

Desolate lighthouse atop rocks
Lonely moon staring down
The conversation to be had
From the soft glow of night
To the beacon of hope

Stars look on in wonder
For why should concern
Be shared among inferiors
Doomed to be cast aside
Time means little in abundance

Stark tree a reminder
As rockets ablaze the sky
Built by human hands
Destroyed by human plans
Conversation, deep it can’t

Rare sight this strange night
Between moon, lights, fire, and death
Life fly’s without a care
Soaring on the winds of death
Suspended in free-fall

Moon shines through dark
As the lighthouse is savior
The moon shall be too
One to lost sailors
One to lost human race

Lessons to learn this night
As the moon shines extra bright
Reveal all the flaws
Embrace this night
Or join in the dark light

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