First Love Unrealized

How we walked near hand in hand
All up and down that deep sand
Imagination running wild
Like a carefree child
Wander around that little park
Who knew that’s how it’d all start

Oh the games we’d play
Hours of just me and you
Conversations never ending
Months apart knew where to start
You’d look at me with such delight
Looking back, I was your white knight

Such a fickle thing was me
Couldn’t see what was trying
We’d walk for hours
Listen to your dreams
Never pick up on your subtle hints
You talked about your first kiss
Oh man did I sure miss
The world’s biggest hint

Looking back on it all
Some days I’d trade the world
Funny how that hindsight works
Get to see everything missed
Staring me in the face

How I fell from your grace
The disconnect between heart and mind
How I want to curse the hands of father time
Use to spend hours just talking
Such a beautiful mind
With the hours spent walking

How I cherished the time
And now it is years gone by
I still think of you time to time
No thoughts of sadness
Just if I could turn back time
Maybe I’d be yours
And you’d be mine

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