Daddy’s Open Arms

Arms wrapped ’round my neck
Turns from simple innocent hug
To full death grip embracement
Little girl has her daddy in her arms

Full of energy, no fear for pain
Jumps from table to couch, says ouch
Turns to me, says, “Catch me daddy!”
Caught in midair in daddy’s arms
Whisper in her ear, “I’ll always catch you”

Head on my shoulder, heart in her hand
Movie playing in background for rest
She’s running around exploring, always questioning
Turns to me for answers, yawns climbing in my arms

She’ll learn to run for her dreams
But will always know where she belongs
When her road gets dark and hopeless
She’ll find me by her side, encouragement
And when she jumps, knows I’ll catch her

She’s my world, daddy’s little girl
Jealous of sister’s affection from me
Defensive for me, won’t share me
Two of a kind we are, protective

Oh how I hope for her
To one day know the truth
In all it’s cold hearted death
Every change could get
Her daddy was there

Two week stints apart
Does much damage to my heart
Will you be there my dear girl
Should one day your daddy fall?

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