Nonsensical Senses

That feeling of being watched is real!

Ever lay in bed at night and feel the hairs on your neck stand just as you start to drift? Have you ever woken from a deep sleep for reasons unknown, yet felt frightened none the less? We’re going to shed some light on the reasons behind all your fears. Don’t worry though, there’s nothing irrational about them…

When laying in bed at night and you pass that weird sound off as the wind outside, you’ve just killed yourself! That sound could have been the old tree by your window, but it wasn’t. Do you want to know why? Because the branch was trimmed last week and couldn’t possibly scratch against the glass since the window was left open. Do you remember opening it, especially on a cool fall night? I didn’t think so!

Now you need to ask yourself one very important question: Who else is in the room with you? Did something just run across the floor or was it knocked over and roll under your bed? Are you quick enough to be able to make it to the light switch? How can you tell if the noises inside your bedroom are there to get you to open the door? Are you safer not knowing?

Try to make it through that list of questions while laying in bed in an empty house. Don’t worry though, the sound that just came from your closet was real. You’re not imagining things….