Unrealized Dreams

Alone he sits, lost in music, single light to see the dark
Body is tired, trapped motionless as his soul desperately runs in place
A deep yearning, rising from his heart strokes out his mind
Empty it becomes, nothing else measures to matter at that moment

Slams his eyes shut, try to keep the emotion there, the one feeling
But it leaves as quickly as it came, the thought of her, ever fleeting
New song comes ‘cross the wire, emotions triggered in unconscious
Chalks up to randomness, continues to exist in the dark of early morning

Drags ass to bed, no comfort found lying on cold floor, tossing until passes out
Ten hours to dream of everything passed up for the single thought
Fantasies run wild of potential future, crushed by mid-days light
Forces the mind against its will, becomes futile, leads to sadness

Slowly pulls himself together as another day presents the chance of repeat
Stumbles down the stairs, tramples the kitten as he shuffles to his fix
Smashes the milk glass, topples the soda, reaching for the cold fix
Chugs it fast and hard, the quicker it’s in him, the sooner the pain leaves

It’s off to mundane to deal with the repetative bullshite of all
Barely half-shift, two broken bones and the pink slip as temper flares
Wanders aimlessly through town, anger and sadness feeding off each other
Time to clean up his act, get that better job, prove his worth at last

Pushes past the broken glass, grabs his fix and heads for his chair
Another night of all regrets smothered in the darkness, save for one
Her memory eludes him, picture can’t be seen, as his eyes slowly water
Can he be what she needs, locked in unconscious, answers quietly flow

Drifts off with pen in hand, notes half scribbled down, elusive thoughts
Awakes to the dark, whispers all around, faint and saddened
Shadows begin to dance as he nears exhaustion, prays for relief, none found
All that’s left is his emptiness, pen and paper, half-hearted illusions

Can his dreams become his reality, should they, dangerous thoughts
Swirling deeper into the dark, the room begins to disappear
Walking through the dark, surrounded by a purple haze, all is still
Sound of his shoes echo in the dead of it all, leaves afraid to fall

Time has been his anchor, his one constant and steady, in sea of change
Shifts in the chair, stares at his notes, grabs his pen shoving the pages
Only one remains behind, decides it’s time to finish it, long overdue
His hand shaking as pen touches paper, emotions pour through it’s ink to page

My dearest one, it’s been all too long, time has changed me, my heart it’s not
Your memory is a light that shines through my darkest moments
As I was your knight through the park, you are mine in the dark
Life has continued as has my love, you mean everything

He adds the single rose peddle saved that night, perfectly preserved
Fate is now in control once again as his heart weeps in anticipation
Hands trembling as he sits in his chair, pen in hand he lets all go
Emotions flow freely as he writes through the night, his night of unrealized dreams

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