Nothing To Fear

She looks up at me
With eyes so sweet
Can’t believe I’m there
Her own daddy

Whisper softly in her ear
How much she means to me
Couldn’t really care
Too busy focused in a stare

Looks me in the eyes
Can it really be
That she has me

Take her into my arms
Swing her all around
Move to the sound of the song
Try to sing-along

Rock her back and forth
Comfort in the force
As she falls asleep
Knows it will keep

Safe from all harm
In her daddy’s strong arms
Kiss her on the cheek
Won’t completely fall asleep

Rock her in my arms
Slowly to the beat
Of an old Celtic song
As I softly sing-along

Takes comfort in my voice
As we move to the song
Every now and then
I’ll whisper to the end

Near the bottom of her ear
Daddy’s here, you’ve nothing to fear

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