Dead Melody

He sits on his throne and with a blank stare picks them up. He holds them loosely unsure what he should do. Everyone staring at him expecting failure, just as they all had done. Feet placed lightly above the pedals, he feels ready to try, unsure of himself. Sticks now firmly gripped in both hands. Quickly presses both pedals in succession. All eyes now fixated.

Right foot starts up, followed by both hands. Left foot joins in when feels right. Eyes closed at this point, music flowing inside him has taken over. His sound quickly evolves. From simple patterns to expansive rhythms that only make sense to his ears. Someone grabs an electric guitar, tries to follow along.

Welcome to my dead melody. The pressure relief valve for my bottle of emotions. Every thump and crash from these drums is just a small sample of what’s hidden inside. Transform happiness into hate, love to sorrow. Guitar player couldn’t keep up, twenty minutes in. Drums still being hammered on. Think this snare’s about to blow.

I can go for hours playing my melody. Make it twist and loop, in and out of emotions as I craft this roller coaster of a ride. This is my dead melody, where you’re welcomed to journey along for the wild ride.

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