Damn Musical Box

Brought you something special
Kind of gift not gotten these years
A token of me expressed in the old
But you just pass it by no second glance

Hand crafted little wooden box
Sweet melody chosen within
Is it not you that causes reaction
Or something else that bothers

Bought you something special
Kind of gift not received
But you mean more to me
Than mere words can say

Let the box sit on your table
Collecting dust, forgotten about
Let it be a reminder to you
That the feelings I held were true

Shining light middle of night
It will be for you a token
Of my strength to wait
One day will you realize, look inside

There will be days we both curse
That damn music box
A promise made, unrequested
Forever remains true

Put my soul and love
Into that wonderful box
Still exists days I wished
You smashed that damn music box

Maybe then I’d be free
Free to love and you’d see
Just the man I’ve come to be

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