Trust Unknown

She instinctively grabs her teddy bear and holds it close to her heart
It’s her special bear, the one that daddy bought, her great protector
Wrapped in Christmas lights, she stares as it blends in with the pile of presents
She doesn’t know if he’ll be there this year to watch her open them

Within the stuffing, he’s hidden a small speaker and recording of his voice
Set to a timer as she drifts to sleep, the recording begins to play
A simple sentence comes from the center of the bear resting by her head
In a soft loving tone she can hear him say, “Daddy’s love is with you always, dream well”

The bear is with her always, never leaving her sight for more than a moment
No one questions why she brings it everywhere, they know she is happy with it
Christmas comes and goes without him this year, dismay sets in throughout the day
Why did I get all these presents instead of the one I wanted most?

He vowed to make it there this year, but the world had other plans
He wouldn’t be there for this Christmas or any other after that night
The car went off the road, stopped to help, Family of four forever grateful
She never saw him as he pushed the young boy out of harms way

She couldn’t understand when mommy told her daddy was with the angels
She refused to believe it, even as the waves of emotion washed over her
Hate, disbelief, sorrow all ran through her young mind as she cried herself to sleep
The bear glued between her arms and her heart, keeping her safe

The battery inside the bear died years ago, intended to be changed now and then
Every night she lays down to sleep, she holds it close to her heart
And without fail she can still hear his words to her from within
“Daddy’s love is with you always, dream well for I’m here with you always”

She passed the bear onto her daughter knowing good things would follow
The arm had become loose after decades of existence, a miracle it lasted
She noticed something odd about the stuffing, poking around left her in shock
She pulled out the contraption that was inside, amazed by the discovery

She replaced the dead battery and listened with tear filled eyes
Her daddy’s voice came loud and clear from the speaker, reciting it’s program
Before she could put it down, his voice changed from happy to sad
She couldn’t believe what she was hearing

My beautiful daughter, you mean the world to me
This is my present to you, one that will last forever
I know you miss me as much as I miss you and are afraid often
This bear will be your shield and sword against the world
With my love for you built into it, You’ll be able to do anything
There will come a day that I am no longer on this Earth
I do not wish for you to be sad when this day comes
For I will still be by your side, watching over you always
And remember, My love is with you, I’ll be in your dreams tonight

Bear in Lights

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